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Apr 11, 2024

Mother Miriam Live - April 11, 2024

Continuing unpacking the new Vatican document Dignitas Infinita

Why do people converse unnecessarily in front of Our Lord at so many parishes? What can be done to stop the mess?

If I was Baptized in a state of mortal sin, was my Baptism invalid?

What should be done with blessed items that I have purchased not knowing that it was wrong to do so? Is it a sin to use them and should they be gotten rid of? Do I need to confess any of this?

My ex-wife wants our young son to take the MMR vaccine, which I am against because it includes aborted fetal cells. What should I do?

Is it unusual for Catholic churches to have full-body immersion Baptismal fonts with steps to walk right in? Is this maybe a regional thing?

In images of Our Lady of Fatima (statues and portraits), she always seems to have her head tilting to the left. Is that intentional for any reason?

When praying the First Five Fridays/Saturdays Devotion(s), if I miss one of the days, must I then start over from the very beginning?