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Apr 9, 2024

Mother Miriam Live - April 9, 2024

Practices for Paschal Time

A saint’s canonization is supposedly infallible, correct? What is the source claiming that canonization is infallible? Was it a council?

Is the declaration of a person as Venerable and Blessed also infallible?

Is there an official published list of saints from the Catholic Church?

My understanding is that there is a “Congregation” whose job it is to assist in the beatification process. And before this “Congregation,” the authority fell to the local bishops to canonize a saint in their diocese. When the Congregation took over, did they have all the bishops everywhere send in their list of Saints?

Is buying or selling Holy Water a mortal sin?

Someone told me that if one spouse is saved, their spouse is saved because of the first spouse being saved. This can't be true, right?